Monday, December 13, 2010

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader.

Are you looking to buy an Amazon Kindle ebook reader?  The Amazon Kindle ebook reader is a device sold by that allows reader to read books electronically.  With the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, you can purchase books directly from from the device itself and begin reading the book you have purchased right away on your Amazon kindle ebook reader.  Many readers today are laying aside their hardback books in favor of the Amazon kindle ebook reader.  With the kindle, one does not have to have bookshelves, or a lot of room to store the books they have read and purchased.  All the books remain of the kindle until they are deleted.  This is very convenient for those who love to read, but do not have a lot of time to visit the bookstores.  It is also convienent for those who do not have a lot of room for storage.  Below is an Amazon Kindle ebook reader.  You can click the link to purchase, or find more advanced Amazon Kindle readers from  Check it out.  They are very nice.  Also, a great Christmas or birthday gift for your loved one who loves to read.

How To Get Top Search Engine Rankings?

How to get top search engine rankings?  Many try to make money online today, they need to know how to get top search engine rankings if they are going to be successful.  In the next few blog entries, we hope to be able to give everyone the tips needed to blow away the competition so to speak when it comes to top search engine rankings.  There are a few key factors that will help land you on the front page of the google search engine rankings.  In this post, we are going to mention a few, which we will seek to follow up on in detail with posts to come.

The first factor is website age.  Age of the website is a very important factor when it comes to ranking at the top in search engines.  Therefore, it is best to buy a well established website, versus starting a brand new website.  If a new domain is created, one will have to deal with the infamous google sandbox, which we also hope to discuss in the future. 

Next is keywords in the title of the page.  In order to get top search engine rankings, one must carefully choose the keywords they wish to rank highly with.  They must then place these keywords in the title meta tag within the webpage.  This is also important.

Next is keywords in the description meta tag of your website.  Just as the title, you must saturate the description meta tag with carefully chosen keywords in order to get top search engine rankings.

Next is keywords in the content of your web site.  In order to get top search engine rankings, you must also contain keywords in the body of the page's content.  However, don't overdo it, otherwise you could be penalized for spamming.  Do not, I repeat do not, hide keywords on your webpage with the same color as the background.  Write content for humans, just carefully select to use your keyword about once for every 75 words.

With this being accomplished, you must also optimize your off page factors. This is a critical part of getting top search engine rankings, backlinks.  Backlinks are links to your page from other website, they are like a popularity vote from other webmasters.  This allows google to find the most popular and valuable website, which in turn provides them with good ranking. 

These major areas when accomplished, will help move you up toward you goal of top search engine rankings.  These are the major things that one must do, along with many other little things that also help with getting top search engine rankings.  However, these four tips are of utmost importance.  With proper keyword usage and sufficient backlinks with age will enable you to get top search engine rankings in time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization is important if you are seeking to make money online.  Search engine optimization is the process of building a website that will enable the website to rank high in the search engines for searches of particular search engines.  I have a very successful website that is making money online for me at the moment.  This website ranks #1 for many competitve search terms.  I have informed myself through much study and research on the topic of SEO.  Search engine optimization is rather easy when one knows what they are doing.  In the future, I hope to write many articles explaining how proper search engine optimization (SEO) is to be accomplished.  I hope to give many tips and tricks I have learned and have seen that actually work.

With proper search engine optimization (SEO), one can build a website that generates what is known as organic traffic, or traffic from the search engines.  In this blog, we hope to discuss in the future, not only (SEO) search engine optimization, but everything necessary to generate traffic from search engines from the gound up. If you are just beginning in the field of internet marketing, you will want to stop by here from time to time in order to receive the necessary skills to building a website that could possibly give you another income. 

Before one embarks upon (SEO) or search engine optimization, the most important thing is to have a website with great content.  Once, you decide on a topic for a website, then one must be able to get their website indexed by the major search engines that you site may be found.  We will try to cover all these things here at our know it all blog.  We will seek to provide you with all the information you need to build a successful online business. 

Some of the things we will talk about include keyword targeting, url selection, backlink building, and indexing.  These are some of the topics we hope to cover in the future, so stay tuned to our knowledge.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Bible is the topic of my first blog entry?  Bible, what can I say about the bible?  Well many don't know what they are talking about when they act like they understand the bible.  The bible is a very complicated book for many.  The bible cannot be followed, or understood, with our own natural wisdom and understanding.  Sure, you can go to church and find about any idiot acting as if they have it all figured out, but do they?  Most do not.  Why is the bible so complicated?  Well, God made it to where only those who he wants to reaveal it to can understand it.  Without the Holy Spirit of God, no one can understand the bible.

What it comes down to is this.  The bible is all about Jesus Christ.  It is the word of God.  The bible contains the hidden message that all that is required for salvation is faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.  One does not have to follow the bible with their own works of righteousness in the flesh in order to obtain salvation.  All that is required is faith, nothing more, nothing less.  However, in order to see this, one must understand the hidden, spiritual truth contained in the bible. 

Do you want to understand the bible?  If you do, I would advise you to go to  It is one of the few true Christian websites online today.  This website it not like any other.  It explains in the bible how that all that is required for salvation is faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.  The bible is the word of God and was written by the spirit of God.  You will never understand it without guidance from the spirit of God.  The spiritual bible study website does just that with the spirit of God.